Ive got a quiet urgent problem.

I just got your email about my delivery has been shipped, but unfortunately to the wrong address..

its partly my fault, because weve been lived in England almost 2 years ago, and then I made an order from you,

But Im living in Slovakia since 2019.

So somehow my English address stayed in a system automatically, and when I made my order recently, even when I did put my recent address trough the order..

somehow the shipping address stayed that old English adress..

I have no idea who is living there at the moment, but somebody just received my whole package


I can confirm you where I am at the moment, I can send you my location point - or a screenshot about my map application in my phone where the pinpoint can show you where Im right now..

I dont know how do you possible to solve this problem, but one thing I know somebody else happily received my whole order (including about 16 items)

Please help me somehow to sort this issue..

Thank you very much

I uploaded for you some pictures what I just took right now, my ID and my location, which is here is Slovakia, and not in England where somebody else picked up my whole order

Location: Galanta, Trnava

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