You sent an email to tell you an update on my order so here it is.

No, they haven't told me anything or updated me about anything. It would be nice if they could just say, "Hey, we are having over loads of orders right now but your order will be on the way as soon as we can get to it" and then email me when it's on it's way but to have a customer just wait for an order they paid for and not tell them anything is very poor service.

Cheap or not, doesn't matter. My last order was around $300 and got my order in like two weeks had no problems and they updated me about everything. This recent order is only like $50 and I probably won't even get my order.

However, I keep getting emails from them from their site to order more items. I will never order from Shein again.

Their customer service is awful.

I've ordered from there several times before, never had a problem and now that there is an issue, there is no one to talk to or contact. That's ridiculous.

There's your heads up.


Location: Lexington, Kentucky

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