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Ive ordered July 9 my order status is still saying the same its July 20 7days no update can some one please help me I spent $412 I just want my package

Product or Service Mentioned: Shein Shipping Service.

Location: Chicago, Illinois

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Hello, I would like to apologize on behalf of our company for all of the troubles you have had with this order. We’re working hard to get your package to you as soon as possible, but want to give you the option to cancel your order for a full refund, or continue to wait for your package.

Please choose CANCEL or WILLING TO WAIT. Please let us know how we may assist you to resolve the issue you have experienced.


One your lying you don’t receive a full refund two I been waiting for my damn money for month an cancel my order the same day after reading yalls reviews an yet y’all Still took money out my account an haven’t returned it

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