I placed an order [GSHMBT00R0003PS] that was shipped on Jan. 4, 2021 with delivery to Athens, Greece (8 Merlin Street, 10671 Athens Greece), tracking number: YT210042****044974.

On January 28, 2021 I received a text from ACS, a courier company, informing me that the order ha had arrived at their local distribution center.

I contacted then immediately and told them to deliver the order to the specified address. Every single day until today I contacted them with the same instructions. Every day their response was that they would deliver my order the next day. The order was never delivered to me.

Today, I contacted them again and was told that my order had been shipped back to you.

Ive been trying all day to contact the appropriate department of ACS in order to stop the return and have my order actually delivered to me.

Im not optimistic that ACS will manage to do it, therefore I would like to ask you, once you receive my order back to resend it to me.

Please note that my order arrived within the estimated shipping time you provided, but ACS failed to cover the last mile. Please hold ACS accountable for this mess.

I remain at your disposal for any further clarification.

Location: Athens, Attica

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