I ordered up to $200 in my order, 16 items in total just to be told that I have to verify it. I paid for express shipping because it is an urgent order, It says that I need a code from the bank to verify it is not fraud.

Ive used this card multiple times before I dont understand the problem now. I tried the second option which is emailing them a photo of my order, they said it could not be read and that I need to put the authorization code from the bank in.

Here are the words and I quote; Please reply to this email with your 6-digit Authorization Code.

- from the first email, after I sent the photo this is the email I got; Thanks for your understanding and cooperation, but your transaction screenshot failed in our review. To ensure the smooth passage of your order, please provide 6-digit Authorization Code.This will verify that you have access to the account and that the order is not fraudulent.

Kindly contact your Bank or Credit Card company and request the Authorization Code.

Please fix this and let me send the screenshots, I need the clothes by this week and I dont want to have to refund it.

- very angry customer, Biannerys.

Location: New York, New York

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