I recently complained that I did not receive the last shipment I purchased (Order # GSHMGF00N00MDN0), as I received an notification from the company by email and app that the order was sent and left with an individual and signed up as well. When you sent the above update, I did not receive the order and also checked with the neighbors, in my mailbox and also on the cameras and the package was not left anywhere.

Few days ago, at noon I received the package in full and everything worked out.

When I contacted the company, customer service immediately addressed the matter by replying that they would send me the items again, except for two of which I agreed to receive a refund. I am contacting you to let you know that I received the package, although not while you updated that I received it but the day after, but I received so the company do not need to send the items again.

I repeat, there is no need to send the above items again.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Location: Hollywood, Florida

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